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Click below to hear the latest Dishy Tangent singles, which you can purchase online. We also have music available to stream online on Spotify and Deezer:

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We are proud to present our first featured release of 2016. This song has become our most requested song to play and has steadily been played and reviewed since its release in October 2016. Here is “Monster”, which features the full live band.

Here is the brand new single “Anyday” which was released in early May 2017. A song to make you analyse your life and live every day as if it's your last. Including an original orchestral composition, big drums, a mix of guitars, a catchy vocal chorus and deep thinking rap verses. Audio mixed and mastered by Nick Burchall at Audio Animals. Special thanks to Ma.Strum for the sponsor

Next up is the single "Time Alone" which was released in early January 2016, and is the bands homage to the amazing White Stripes with a nod to the infectious track " Seven Nation Army". Listen out for Reason's exemplory wordplay on this one.

The next single from the band called "Never Been In Love" is their take on the classic love song formula with a cheeky twist.

"Running Through My Brain" was the first single released by the band following the evolution from duo to live band. With a nod to the old school of R&B, this track features some slender, sexy tones that raise the dishyness to another level.

Finally, an EXCLUSIVE remix of our track "Running Through My Brain" re-mixed and re-worked by our very own DJ Sonic. Its been flipped for the D&B generation so get your dancing shoes ready!